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July 2006 

As Israeli, Palestinian and International women leaders and activists, members of the IWC, dedicated to the goal of ending the occupation and achieving a just and sustainable Palestinian-Israeli peace based on a two-state solution, committed to the respect of international law, human rights and equality, we are alarmed at the escalating use of force and violence that threatens to destroy all options for creating a humane future for ourselves and our children.

We call on the government of Israel to immediately cease its war on the civilian population of Gaza and withdraw its armed forces.

We demand the cessation of the irresponsible and totally unacceptable policy of deprivation and collective punishment. The destruction of power stations and infrastructure has denied access to water and electricity to over two-thirds of the population, which has aggravated an already deteriorating situation due to the long-standing siege imposed. Today the humanitarian crisis is reaching unprecedented proportions.

We call on the international community to exercise its responsibility for the protection of human security, human rights, and the fundamental rights of all to live in an environment of peace and security, free from occupation, oppression and the arbitrary use of force as stipulated in international law and human rights conventions.

We call for an exchange of prisoners and an end to the targeting of innocent civilians, Palestinian and Israeli.

History has proven that such conflicts have no military solutions and we call for the immediate return to the path of negotiations

Israeli members:
Aida Touma-Sliman, General Director, Women against Violence
Amal Elsana Alhjooj, Director, Arab Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation
Anat Saragusti, TV journalist, Itach- Women Lawyers for Social Justice; Association of civil Rights in Israel board member
Busayna Dabit: Shatil, Mixed Cities Project Coordinator
Deborah Lerman, Marketing Executive, Sapiens International; Bat Shalom and Women in Black board member
Galia Golan, Professor of Government, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (emerita); IDC Herzlyia; Bat Shalom and Peace Now board member
Khulood Badawi, Field Researcher, Association of Civil Rights in Israel
Molly Malekar, Director, Bat Shalom of the Jerusalem Link
Naava Eisin, Director, the Archives of Jewish Education, Tel-Aviv University; Bat Shalom and Machsom Watch board member
Naomi Chazan, Professor of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (emerita); Former Member of Knesset, Meretz Party, and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset
Nurit Haghagh, Director, Hakeshet Hamdemocratit Hamizrahit movement
Rola Hamed (Abu Zied), Project Coordinator Heinrich Böll Foundation; Bat Shalom board member
Sarai Aharoni, PhD Candidate, Bar-Ilan University; Isha l‚ Isha Feminist Center
Zehava Galon, Member of Knesset, Meretz Party

Palestinian Members:
Amal Khreisheh, General Director, Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development
Annan Attiri, Director, Nablus Governorate
Hannan Taha, Director, Paltrade, Gaza Branch
Hania Bitar, Director, Pyalara (A Youth Organization)
Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council Member; President of Miftah
Lama Hourani, Gaza Strip Coordinator, Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development
Maha Abu Dayyeh, General Director, Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling
May Keileh, Palestinian Ambassador, Chile
Nebras Bseisso, Director, Palestinian Banking Association, Gaza Strip
Naela Ayesh, General Director, Women’s Affairs Centre
Samia Bamia, Ambassador, Former Head of European Affairs at MOFA
Salwa Hudeib, Minister Deputy, Ministry of Women’s Affairs
Siham Barghouti, Chairperson, Society of Women’s Action
Samar Hawash, Nablus Coordinator, Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development
Tahani Abu Daqqa, Woman Activist and Community Development Advisor
Wafa‚ Abdel-Rahman, General Director, Filastiniyat Organization
Zahira Kamal, Director, Women’s Centre for Studies and Research
Mayada Abbasi, Palestinian Ambassador, Brazil

International Members:
Anna Gomez, Member of the European Parliament
Antigoni Karali-Dimitriadi, Representative to UN CSW, CEDAW 1998-2004, Greece
Frene Ginwala, former Speaker of Parliament, South Africa
Luisa Morgantini, Member of European Parliament (Italy); Chair of the European Parliament Development Committee
Jessica Neuwirth, President, Equality Now (USA)
Sylvia Borren, Executive Director Oxfam-Novib, Netherlands
Simone Susskind, Advisor Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Belgium

IWC is an International body of Palestinian, Israeli and International women established under the umbrella of UNIFEM in 2005 in accordance with UN Resolution 1325. IWC Membership is in a personal capacity.