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 Another index. No deaths
 Jewish Peace News, USA
 December 4, 2002
* Number of days since the beginning of the current Intifada and October 30, 2002: 763

* On average, number of trees uprooted in the occupied territories, per day: 896

* On average, number of homes demolished by the Israeli army in the occupied territories, per day: 15

* Total number of homes demolished: 12,099

* Area of land confiscated in the West Bank and East Jerusalem by the Israeli authorities since the beginning of the Intifada, in square miles: 63.05

* Area of Manhattan, New York, in square miles: 22.7

* On average, number of Palestinians injured by Israeli forces and settlers, per day: 27

* Number of Israelis injured by Palestinians (including soldiers and settlers), per day: 6

* Number of Palestinian teachers detained by the Israeli army: 75

* Percentage of Palestinian children, age six months to five years old, who suffer from chronic malnutrition: 45%

* Number of journalists injured by the Israeli army: 254

Sources: The information in this text was taken from a larger report published in Between the Lines, vol. 3, no. 19 (December 2002) (see Between the Lines, although as of January 30, 2003, the report was not yet online). The sources cited by Between the Lines for the entire report are: The Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Ministry of Health, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, The World Bank and the International Management Group, Office of the United Nation Special Coordinator (UNSCO), United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Ministry of Education, the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate, Defense for International Children—Palestinian Section, Ministry of Agriculture, PECDAR, Arij, and UN Economic and Social Committee for Western Asia. The source for Israelis injured is the IDF website (see Israel Defense Forces). The Manhattan statistic is from Hotel411. The conversion from acres to square miles was done on Online Conversion. —AK

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