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 To My People in Palestine
 Marcel Khalife, Lebanon
 April 9, 2002
To my people in Palestine
If I had the power, I would destroy death before it touches you.
If I had the power, I would slay death, and would keep you safe inside my bosom.
But all I can do is record your actions, and humbly walk the earth, singing your chronicle.
Perhaps I could add one more syllable to the epic of joy that began when your body roared.
Your eyes are upon the blue. I have seen your faces, a thousand nameless faces, God's face.
I saw these faces floating on the water like Mayflowers.
Muhammad Al-Dura has slept. Child Jesus has slept. What shall I sing?
I grieve as deeply as the body would at the moment of death.
I grieve, even unto joy. What shall I sing?
And like a jealous lover, I adore you and fear for you.
Would that we loved in silence. I am too ashamed to look at your faces, at your eyes that peer from behind the pictures in newspapers, telling all, in silence, in silence.

Marcel Khalife is a world-renowned Lebanese composer, musician, and political activist.