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 In Solidarity with the Iraqi People . . . A Better World Is Still Possible
 The New Women Research Center, et al, International
 March 17, 2002

We, the women convening on the occasion of International Women's Day, and within the framework of women's solidarity with Iraq, declare to the whole world our refusal and disdain of all pretexts used by the US Administration and its allies in justifying their war against Iraq.

In this context, we would like to reiterate what has become common knowledge to us as to many people around the globe who continue to fight for truth and justice against all odds:

- That the US invasion of Iraq is not taking place out of moral or humanitarian motives . . . but out of a desire to take control of the oil reserves in Iraq and to enforce their full hegemony on the region.

- That despite all claims made by the US government that civilians will be spared the atrocities of war, it is those civilians, mostly women and children, who are the victims of such wars.

- That the American administration is not concernedónor has it ever beenóabout human rights, either in Iraq or elsewhere, as witnessed by its own arrest of American women peace activists. Neither does the safety of the Iraqi people pose any concern for the US administration.

- That despite claims made by the Bush administration that it wages this war to destroy weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it has itself declared that it will use chemical and biological weapons in this war.

- That it is blatantly clear that the US intends to re-map the region, in line with its own interests, following the invasion of Iraq.

We, therefore declare, and against all odds, that despite the fact that our region and our peoplesówomen, men and childrenówill suffer more displacement, hunger, and impoverishment, and despite the shameful helplessness of the Arab governments, we can still sense the birth of a new world.

A world that is being born by the hands of the millions of women and men who have taken to the streets in almost every country of the world, stubbornly challenging their governments, as well as the feverish determination of the US government to impose its will on the whole world.

For even if those demonstrations fail to stop the wheels of war from turning, they have been successful in preventing the plans of the US government and its allies from proceeding in silence and have exposed them to worldwide refusal and condemnation.

We have no choice but to continue on this path; a path that rejects oppression, whether it comes from within or outside our countries, and we shall not allow anyone to force us to choose between those two impossible choices. We shall continue to raise our voices amidst the millions of voices of women and men raised all over the world.

We shall continue our protest and our rejection of oppression and injustice, as well as the destruction, occupation and impoverishment of countries and peoples, and we shall use a million ways and means to do so. We shall continue to struggle in order that a new and better world may be born and that a better tomorrow may rise.

We believe, along with millions of people all over the world, that A Better World Is Possible.

Signed by:
- The New Women Research Center
- The El-Nadim Center for Psychological Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
- The Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Aid
- The Women and Memory Forum
- The Forum for Women Development Organizations
- The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women
- The Alliance for Arab Women
- The Association of Women and Society
- The Association of Women Film Makers

From Arab Declaration, March 17, 2002.